Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Magic of Rhiwbach

The site of the old Rhiwbach slate quarry is a fascinating, magical place. Full of unanswered questions and mysteries that will never be solved; although it will be fun trying.
Starting point for anyone wanting to explore the place must be Dave Sallery's excellent web site, on our links section. He gives good directions and has some very fine photographs. We've been several times now, but not nearly enough to feel that we've done it justice.
Last time, we walked up under the lowering Blaenau mist, expecting to be soaked but wanting to plough on nonetheless. The blanket of mist lifted occasionally, allowing fitful rays of sunshine to illuminate the ruins. It all added to the enchantment of the place, although we were careful to keep away from the adits and edges of the tips in the doubtful visibility.

Petra found an area of ground where coke and ashes had been dumped, goodness knows how many years ago. The quarry closed in 1954. Nearby was a pile of metal shards, rusted and looking like some strange growth of lichen. They were so delicate, rusted and filigreed. It felt like a really special find.

Mine-Explorer site with underground pictures of the mine here

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