Saturday, 25 June 2011

Boot Hill

View from Moel Farlwyd over towards the summit of the Crimea Pass, Bwlch Gordinnan on the A471. The twmp is this side of the road, down and to the left of the car.
People who regularly travel over the Crimea Pass, the A471 out of Blaenau Ffestiniog, will be familiar with a small, brownish twmp on the right, almost before you reach the first main summit.

Conveniently, a layby on the left and a gate by the road allow you to have a peep. I'd been told that the mound was a heap of miners boots, but thought that it couldn't be right.Well, on closer examination, it is indeed composed of a fantastic number of boot soles, nails and eyelets. But it's a relic of the second world war, when the Market Hall in Blaenau was commandeered for use as a boot repair factory. I wondered what horrors the the wearers of these boots had experienced, and why their boots had been dumped here. Nothing grew on the mound- it was like a long barrow; hob nails and heel caps were it's burial goods.

There's a fine little walk over  Moel Farlwyd from here, taking in some run-in adits (and an open one) over the shoulder towards Moel Penamnen. The view over to Blaenau and Llechwedd are worth the stiffish climb.

Inside the open adit


Anonymous said...

What a fascinating relic! And a nice adit to boot.

Iain Robinson said...

Thanks, Graham!

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