Monday, 5 December 2011

Cefn Coch 2

Some photos from our last visit to Cefn Coch- we'd gone back to do some more underground photography when I managed to cut my leg rather deeply, precluding any wading in filthy mine water. Petra did venture underground herself, but with the video of these days, we'll finish all these half-filmed videos that we've got!

Snowdonia National Park has a study commissioned by the National Trust to record and consolidate the site, it's here and well worth a look. There's a nice view from the air and a key showing the buildings.  The mine buildings of Berth Lwyd and New California are all listed structures, and the mill is the largest surviving of it's type. There's an interesting historical summary of the mine here at the Mindat site.

These photos were taken late last October, before the winter set in. I've a feeling the next photos of the mine on here will have snow in them!

In the New California Mill

Wire guarding the Cae Gwyn working, a very wet but beautifully decorated adit.
Inside one of the rakes
The scenery around the mine is beautiful.

The lowest level of the mine, at Berth Lwyd.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to all those videos ! :-)

Iain Robinson said...

Thanks, Graham! Our movie editing software has stopped working...the camera is too clever for!

Anonymous said...

At least they used (mainly) local materials so the remains look vaguely attractive. I wonder how our industrial sitres made from plastics and composite materials will look to explorers in a century?

(The sites hat aren't glowing too much to go to, that is)

Iain Robinson said...

Thanks, Andy. I hate the gimcrack Soweto shanty architecture that passes for retail or industrial development these days, with dishonest materials...any town, anywhere in Britain, the relentless march of progress. I guess these remains here at Cefn Coch weren't too bonny when in production, but as you say, they were at least made with local materials and have settled back into the landscape.

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