Monday, 12 March 2012

Cae Fali

Unearthed at last!
Chasms (960x1280)

Yes, we finally made it, through acres of bramble and birch, sitka spruce and felled forestry. Did I mention the quagmire? Never mind, I didn't really like those jeans. I’ve only put a couple of shots up just now, because on the day we finally found the mine, our celebrations were cut a little short. I'm afraid the law of sod was in force, because once at the adit portal, I realised that I hadn’t brought the attachment that fits my camera to the tripod. I don’t like flash shots in mines, they give nothing of the atmosphere, so we will have to go back. I know, it’s tough work, but somebody has to do it.

SAM_3207 (960x1280)

Someone had told Weston Holmes, (on his blog here) that he and his partner in crime, Donna, were “sad” for exploring old mines, tramping the countryside and making videos of their adventures.  Well, if that critic could have seen us as we whooped with delight, after finally finding this mine…I’m sorry, but we set off back through the infernal bramblage feeling very pleased with ourselves. Not sad at all!


Anonymous said...

'Chasms in ground' sounds very apocalyptic. About the tripod fitting - at least you've got an excuse to return there ;-)

Iain Robinson said...

Thanks, Graham. It struck me as an odd choice of language too. There are certainly several shafts, going down a fair way but... Yes, we've a return jaunt planned later this week for the photos!

weston said...

very nice! it seems close to the surface,thanks for the mention...also Ian and my self usually do that only we get there to a mine that id look at each other and and say did you bring a torch....puzzled looks hurry up and go back

Iain Robinson said...

Thank you, Wez. It does go in quite a way, and deep, but boy is it muddy!

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