Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hafod Las Slate Quarry, part one.

A gem in the jungle above Betws y Coed…
Inside the mill (1280x960)
Some photos from our explore, deep in the woodland above Betws-y-Coed. Discovering the mysteries of this elegant old mill and quarry before the summer leaves and undergrowth hide it for another year. I’ll post some more information and photos when I return from my travels.

Doorway (960x1280)
Horizontal Sheave (1280x919)
Forge and Workshop (1280x960)
In the Grotto (960x1280)


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Iain. I like the composition of the second-last shot with the foreground tree trunk drawing one into the scene. Also, the second shot looks to me like some giant, oblong-headed snowman has smashed through the wall ;-)

Iain Robinson said...

Thanks, Graham, I agree about that snowman...probably a Sasquatch given the nature of the terrain and undergrowth! I think the upper door opening was for a conveyor of some kind...there's something like that still in place elsewhere in the mill.

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