Thursday, 21 June 2012

Remembering those black and white days...

Pandy Mill, Cwmystradllyn.
I had a little mishap recently. On a little stroll down silly avenue, I managed to destroy the digital (and only) version of my doubtless mediocre 70,000 word novel, "The Daylight Chamber". There were days of trying to recover the hard drive, trying to find copies on disk...and of course, recrimination. Generally the consensus (and I agree)  is that I am an idiot for not backing up to a remote drive or a set of CD's.  Not that it stopped me looking, in the magical hope that I had backed up in a trance, or under the influence of a (rare) sensible thought.

One good thing to come out of the sifting through of mountains of CD's is that a lot of forgotten photos turned up, which I am now going to inflict on you. Don't say you weren't warned!

The novel? 4500 words into the re-write. The reading public doesn't get off the hook that easily.

Manod Quarry tips, Blaenau Ffestiniog in the distance.

Raven, Prince of Wales Slate Quarry

My beloved Cwt-y-Bugail, level A adit.
Drum house at Graig Ddu quarry


Anonymous said...

Nice selection, Iain. Pont y Pandy looks very evocative there.

Iain Robinson said...

Thanks, Graham!

Mark A said...

A beautiful opening shot; wonderful light and the bright patches in the gable window apertures make the picture. It is good to see a different view of this iconic building too

Iain Robinson said...

Ah, thanks, Mark. I wanted to try and find a slightly different angle on the place, since every one and their dog has photographed it. It's a wonderful place, though, isn't it!

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