Saturday, 22 December 2012

Bwlch y Plwm after dark

 Bwlch-y-Plwm is one of the more fascinating and accessible mines...well, if you like SRT and/or wading in freezing water up to your thighs in seemingly endless passages. Because of some of the rather dangerous adits on the upper levels, I had always assumed that this was a mine for the more "macho" mine explorer types, (whose presence can usually be heard by the jangling of carabiners), rather than the sort of place that we very timid adit-trundlers frequent. However, I note that we have been to the mine fairly often this year; so perhaps we, too, are becoming "hard core".

 Feeling rather intrepid, we made it to the junction chamber, when any hint of machismo that I possessed was shattered by the discovery of a geocache, put there by some schoolchildren. It contained a charming selection of chocolate and fun things. We signed the visitor's book and put it back into place. They must have SRT'd down, since I can't imagine children coming through the entrance adit up to their chests in freezing water. Since we had only been in the mine a few weeks earlier and hadn't spotted it then, it was fairly recent. It was a rather nice thing to find, and I hope other explorers treat it with respect.

Our reason for exploring was that we have lately developed a taste for night-time mining, I know it's all the same underground, but the mines are usually free of other explorers at night (unless it's a Thursday night*) and it's deliciously eerie approaching them in the dark. Bwlch-y-Plwm is quite near to home and we can find it easily in the dark. Plus, Petra had a new camera and she wanted to try it out, so it was either here or BrynGlas.

I've put some history about the mine in other posts and the adits are a rather enjoyable explore in the woods, so I'm not going to give directions here. Besides, it took us several years to find them all and it was huge fun.
The new camera? It works very well, so I am about to be outclassed...

Happy Christmas and a great, explorational New Year to the five or so regular readers who are kind enough to follow and comment on this blog's been great following your adventures, too, guys. Cheers, Graham, Andy, Wez, Ian A, Andy E!

*The AditNow Thursday night group.

My other Bwlch-y-Plwm posts here. 

Petra's photos with the new camera are here.


Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas to you both. Thanks for sharing the treasures.

Iain Robinson said...

Andy, thanks for your support over the year, and a very happy christmas to you as well!

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to you both and may 2013 bring you many new adventures!

Iain Robinson said...

You, too, Graham, here's to more adventures in 2013!

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