Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Moving On...

I'm migrating away from Blogger. It's been a good spell, seven years on this platform, but nothing stays the same for long on the internet and I feel I've outstayed my welcome. Google appear to be wondering what to do with Blogger and to be honest, it has become more unwieldy and difficult to use for a while now. Comments not working was the last straw.
But "Treasure Maps" is not dead, I will be on my own, new platform and will be re-posting everything worth re-posting from here...eventually! So stories of my stumbling about and being kept right by Petra will continue, you don't get away that easily!

The new site is here  Treasure Maps  

 I will keep the mothballed Blogger site up indefinitely as a resource, if I can be so pompous to call it that :-)

The new site will be more in-depth and feature more photos and albums, in pale imitation of the two best I.A. sites out there, Dave Sallery's Penmorfa and JAW.

So...thanks for viewing, for all your support and comments, your letters, and suggestions, all hugely appreciated. I hope to see you over at "son of" Treasure Maps  soon!


Anonymous said...

The new site looks impressive but is there any way to follow it for your updates and your latest posts? Email subscription for example? I never got RSS feeds so maybe I should finally get to grips and sort it out that way.

Iain Robinson said...

Alex, I am so sorry, but I have only just been notified of this comment...this is what I meant about blogger! And the lack of any way to follow is a drawback with the new site...I shalll speak to my IT person (Petra) and see what I can do...will hopefully get back to you with a solution soon.

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